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Integrating local or other GIS data-Geo Newbie

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As a long time VW user, Georeferencing has not been utilized and now I'm exploring this capability. I've just started going down this rabbit hole.....


My initial question is how to leverage local GIS Mapping? I believe I read on one forum search that VW can somehow tie into GIS systems. Correct or no? Or do I have to subscribe to ArcGIS or other service.


As a shapefile newbie, my initial file imports from our local GIS mapping system, I was able to import multiple layers of roads, parcels, structures, etc data. None included any labeling. I assume this is normal with shapefiles?


One contour 'shapefile' from the source list I downloaded does not include a .shp file to import, but is in a .gdb folder. There are a variety of file formats I've never seen before within this folder, including .spx files. How can this contour data be imported and included with the other shapefiles to complete the build of this county file?


As another part of the local GIS mapping system, an export shapefile or .dwg/.dxf export option are shown but all fail, throwing out the following error:

Error - SDE connection file does not exist: //catalina/C:/sdeConnectionstore/ReadOnly_Gis.sde I will contact the local GIS guru and see what I can find here, but the export option seems pretty useful.




EDIT: It looks like there is a beta testing link to ArcGIS site.

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