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Attach IFC-data to marionette

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Hello everyone

I am currently experiencing a problem with my IFC/marionette objects. I have linked records to my marionette objects, for example IFCWall, IFCWindow, IFCSlab....
Now I would like to adjust the materials and components within these records.

However, I have already tried this with setRecordField, but without success. Is this possible or does it go too far for marionette?


I also add my IFCSlab with the underlying script.


Thank you in advance!




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@Martijn Theunissen


maybe my little tests (from last year) to get the "component_name" from Vectorworks Walls and Slabs helps you... to set your components.

Last year i can't get other components value such as "vs.GetComponentWidth". 


you can find all other "Get or Set components..." here: 



if you get or set the other values please post it here.






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