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Update the ceiling grid tool to a professional one


Hi all.


The ceiling grid tool is very handy when it comes to actual grids and their adjustments.


However, we are in the BIM world now and we can't adjust the thickness of suspended ceiling panels!!! (Unless this has been changed in 2020, I'm still in 2019.)

Also, we can't adjust the type, form or dimensions of the profile system.


We need tool a that can be used in a PROFESSIONAL BIM workflow, please.


There are workarounds with the slab tool, but then that tool doesn't create any grids, does it.


Current ceiling grid 3D thickness is one inch. The profiles are a bit more. Take it or leave it. I can't display the grid my sections since, depending on the case, the correct thickness is eg.  40mm + 50mm for the profile system.


BTW The profile system could be extrusion-based like suggested for window frames, maybe also the panels.




Edit: Well, apparently one can push/pull the ceiling grid...however it creates a solid slab.

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There actually is a way to adjust the thickness of the panels, but all intelligence and editability of the ceiling grid is lost (I make a duplicate of the original grid for this reason)


1) explode the grid

2) ungroup

3) the leftovers are extrusions, their thickness can be adjusted



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In one of our project requiring ceiling grid, we end up modelling a panel and 'duplicate array' the whole thing, which was quite inefficient. 

Agree that it would be great to be able to 'profile' both the grid and the 'panels'. 

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Agreed! I can't believe such a commonly used tool has not been upgraded to a more flexible tool yet!

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