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class text style use at creation - not working?



I feel like I am missing something here: I have a class and I have a custom text style. In the class graphic attributes dialog I check Text Style use at creation ON and select my custom text style from the drop-down.

In the drawing I set: make all attributes by class, in the attributes palette.

I select the text tool and enter text - the text is  <Un-Styled> - it is not set as <Class Text Style> as I would expect. It uses the class pen attributes, not the class text style. What am i doing wrong please?

In the text tool dropdown there is no option for class text style, so I can't use that to set the text to use class text style.

I'm so confused!


Put another way: how to use the Use at Creation for Text Styles in Classes properly?


Vectorworks 2020 SP 2.1 with Spotlight & Braceworks

MacOS 10.15.3 (Catalina) 


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Hello Benedick,

   Try this, instead of setting "Make All Attributes By Class", set the attributes to "Remove By Class Settings" before you create any text. Also, make sure the "Use At Creation" check box (in the top left corner) is OFF in the "Edit Class(es)" dialog. Leave the "Text Style - Use At Creation" checkbox ON. Lastly, use a different color for the Text Style than for the Class Pen Color. That way you'll see which color is making it through.


   Whatever the deal is with this feature, it is not designed to work well. I only just now discovered that using "Make All Attributes By Class" would improve the expected response, and that was on a whim. I've messed with this feature several times over the last few months and had the same confusion you're experiencing. It seems that using "Make All Attributes By Class" comes in after everything is created and overwrites the Pen Color, and possibly the Fill Color, too. I haven't tested the class Fill Color yet.


   WAD or not, this feature needs improvement. This is anything but intuitive.



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@MullinRJ thank you. I will try your suggestions.


As you say:

2 hours ago, MullinRJ said:

this feature needs improvement. This is anything but intuitive.




The general rule in our company is to usually keep all attributes by class on and use class attributes. To have to turn this off, to write some text, them back on again to continue drawing is not something my colleagues in-house will do, it is too disruptive to the everyday workflow. In that case it is easier & quicker to assign a text style after creating text.


In practice, the way i see it,  this means that the Use On Creation for Text Styles in the Class Settings Dialog is broken. Pity.

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The goal here as with all settings in VW should be that the user has complete control over the look of the documents they create, and should be able to replicate that control across drawings, in the most efficient manner possible.  Ray and I have spoken at length about this subject.  I do not believe that it is enough that the control is "available" to the user, if they have to jump through a lot of hoops to get there.  


I want a dashboard of some sort for my drawing setup.  One where I can go down the line and just input the parameters for all the tools that I use all the time.  There really aren't that many.  

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