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Cabling Motors

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Has anyone worked out away to have a rack mount distro take feeder in and send Soca/7 or Double hubble out to motors in the same way as sending Power out to lights from a dimmer rack?  

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I can't be of much help, because I don't know the application.  Some questions.


Drawing a feeder cable to a bistro would be straight forward.  What do you want coming out of the distro?  Is a Soca 7 a multi cable powering multiple motors?  Does it have a break out?  Is it a multi function cable powering a single motor?  Excuse my ignorance.

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If you are referring to using the assign circuit command to connect a plug box to a rigging hoist, you need to set the 'Circuit Assign preferences' dialogue to use 'Hoist'  and then set the 'Place cable id Field' and 'Assign data to multi break out field' settings appropriately.


The next and probably the biggest, issue is that the 'soca 7' and 'Hubbel for power and Data' connector/plug box types do not exist in the multi cable tool but do in the hoist object.

You can edit them into the multi cable tool using the plug in editor, but due to the nature of this plug in you would need to re-customize them every-time a service pack update is released, as service pack updates reset all the standard plug-ins back to default during the update process.


My college Brian,  made a really good guide for how to do this in the linked thread below


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Issues - with it staying. I input the items following all the directions and it does not save after I click the final OK.  Thoughts?


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The format for a break out is:

cable type > number of circuits x connector type.


I think the Multicable VW checks to make sure the cable type in the break out matches the cable type selected.  Is L2130 a type of cable?  Did you put it in the CableType parameter list?

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