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Slow Object Selection while in 3D

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We've been having an issue as of late particularly on a file over 100MB in size, where as we tried to select an object while in a 3D view, we would get the spinning wheel that would last from 5 to 30 seconds.  This was quite frustrating and we couldn't find any solutions on this forum. 


After playing around with this file all afternoon, I found the issue.  We often utilize a segmented arch cased opening in the homes we design.  Our standard for this has no jamb as it is often just a sheetrock opening.  Because they have no jamb, it is difficult to select.  If you try to click on the opening in 3D, it takes a while to select.  But, more importantly, if you try to select any other object that is in front of the segmented cased opening, you get the same spinning wheel.  


There are two solutions to this issue.  First, simply add a jamb of any thickness will allow for a quick selection with no slow down.  Second, change the opening to a square top opening solves the issue.


Not sure if the engineers at VW can fix this problem, if it is even worth their time to do so.  I'd much rather have them working on fixing that damn Stair Tool.  But I thought if anyone else is having this issue, we needed to let our solution be known.  Things like this are incredibly frustrating....

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