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Help Required for Simple Parametric Polygon

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Hi all,


I am trying to create a very simple 2-D Door Jamb (see PDF attached for visual cue) which I want to use for a Door Marionette that I created. And I have tried for hours with different nodes to get the result I need but it is not working. 


So I ask, if my starting approach is the correct / efficient method or is there a better one that I may have not considered?


2-D Door Jamb - Values and Parametrics

The 'bold black' shape is created by individual lines with fixed points which I want to be temporary as highlighted in red. Those are values I want the user to input. 

I.E. if the wall thickness (a) is 200mm, then Door Thickness line will change to accomodate the change in wall thickness(b). Also, I want there to be a fixed length of 45mm highlighted in blue, which will then give the door thickness (b) distance. Makes sense?


To make it more complicated, I want the option to add a constraint of the wall thickness (a) value, so it does not go lower than 60mm.


I hope I am making sense with the diagram below. I have tried various methods to 'Get Distance', 'Find Points in Polygon' but I just dont seem to understand how to draw the polygon shape and also add the constraints. 



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Hey @m.graf 

Thank you very much for showing me the 2 variants of node networks! It's really helpful to understand a different process and your's actually works! I will try and use the methods you shown and create what I need to!


One Question on your first variant: The node 'Enhanced Rectangle' seems to be one that you created? If so, what is special about that node as I have no knowledge of scripting but I can see you've added a node of your own?


Many Thanks,


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the node "enhanced rectangle" was created by Member "DomC", he create most of the best Nodes and Tools here. 🙂

the Enhanced Rectangle Node is much better then the normal Rectangle Node in VW

@Admin - it's sad, that these node (and other new nodes) are not implemented in VW's - Node library!

 greatings M.Graf

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