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Create a wall following topography

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Hello there! I'm trying to create a small wall with 80cm high, along a property house (marked as yellow in the image).


Is there any way to create a wall that follows terrain topography?




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I want just an offset of the topography slopes. The bottom of the wall must follow the existing terrain.

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Hi Tamsin!


Thank you for your reply!


I've tried the first option you gave but the when a run the Fit Walls to Objects the file crashes. Probably the site model is quite complex to run this option. I will try to do in a 


The second option you said I managed to do, but in this particular case I don´t want to draw the steps, just want the top of the wall to be an offset of the existing slopes.


Does the first option you gave makes the solution like the video shown below?






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Hi Monadnoc! Thank's for your reply!


I tried to do the process described on the last post of that topic but could not get the result.


I followed the steps but only got this result with the Extrude along the patch. 


More tips to help me?





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You need both Lock Profile Plane and Fix Profile selected to get proper results. Unfortunately, when I just tried it I got an error message. I am using VW 2017 and I notice that post was from 2016, so all I can think of is VW changed something in the Extrude Along Path code that introduced a bug. Hopefully the bug is fixed in newer versions of VW. If not, I figured out a work around that works consistently, at least with my set up anyway. The fix is to manually position your profile/rectangle at one of the endpoints of your nurbs path, positioned how you want it (I use the bottom midpoint). And the profile/rectangle has to be set to layer or 3D plane. And it has to be manually rotated to be perpendicular to the path. This all sounds complicated but it is actually quite easy and fast once you get the hang of it. After you drop to surface, enter the group it creates, switch to a right ortho view, and draw your profile in place at the endpoint of the nurbs path. Then switch to top view and move it again over to the same endpoint. Then use the rotate tool to rotate in place so it is aligned parallel, and on top of, the path, then just hit command L (control L on Windows) to make it perpendicular to the path. It sounds confusing but really isn't once you wrap your head around it. If it doesn't make sense to you I will whip up a little step by step with pictures to help. Here are a few showing how I rotate the profile/rectangle into place. And the finished product. Here are the steps:


Steps to make extrude follow site contours:


1.     In Plan/Top view draw path with polygon or polyline tool (unfilled)


2.     send to surface


3.     enter group


4.     switch to right ortho side view


5.     draw profile/rectangle at end of nurbs path


6.     change profile/rectangle to layer plane/3D


7.     move profile into place at nurbs path endpoint (may need to use 3D locus)


8.     return to plan view


9.     move profile again to end of nurbs path end point


10. rotate profile to be perpendicular to path (align parallel, then hit command L once)


11. select both


12. run Extrude Along Path, with both Lock Profile Plane and Fix Profile selected (note: Lock Profile Plane can be done later if forget via the OIP)


13. ungroup, if desired







































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Thank you Monadnoc! I followed your steps and got it! Problem solved!


Nice work and great result! 


Hope that in future VW versions the wall option have some option to get this result.



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Glad you were able to get it to work. I agree this is a very useful capability to have, especially for schematic/conceptual designs with hedges, rock walls, some fences, even regular walls, maybe even berms. I'm pretty sure I remember using Extrude Along Path with 3D paths in the past, so it must be a bug that got introduced since v 2016 and somehow broke it. Tamsin, maybe you could report it and get it on the short list to fix? It doesn't seem like that hard of a fix. Thanks.

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