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Create a wall following topography


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Hi Tamsin!


Thank you for your reply!


I've tried the first option you gave but the when a run the Fit Walls to Objects the file crashes. Probably the site model is quite complex to run this option. I will try to do in a 


The second option you said I managed to do, but in this particular case I don´t want to draw the steps, just want the top of the wall to be an offset of the existing slopes.


Does the first option you gave makes the solution like the video shown below?






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Glad you were able to get it to work. I agree this is a very useful capability to have, especially for schematic/conceptual designs with hedges, rock walls, some fences, even regular walls, maybe even berms. I'm pretty sure I remember using Extrude Along Path with 3D paths in the past, so it must be a bug that got introduced since v 2016 and somehow broke it. Tamsin, maybe you could report it and get it on the short list to fix? It doesn't seem like that hard of a fix. Thanks.

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Hello All,


is there any way to add Terrain to fit to existing elevations.  I have a Barn home built into many layers and I cannot seam to get the site terrain around it, not in it and correct:-( The yard comes up around our sunroom then down, and off the lower gym, off pool, dropped down dramatically from barn-stone wall.



oh PS


i have never used a CAD program of any kind, no drawing training at all, and have teaching myself, for our clients, the last 8 months. 






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