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Site Modifier Conflicts


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Ok so I have finally wrapped my head around site modeling and it's super exciting to figure all this stuff out! One question I have is regarding the concept that site modifiers can't intersect or even touch each other. For instance. I have a set of stairs that lands on a walkway. It's all well and good when I put the pad site modifier under the set of stairs but when it comes to rendering there is always going to be part of the site model (terrain) that is in between the walkway pad and the set of stairs. My question is how do I get that to level out so it appears that the stairs are landing directly on the elevations of the walkway pad and there isn't a contour or elevation from the site model slipping in between? 


Thank you!

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You may need to create a pad beneath your stairs for it to rest on, also check into grade limits as a way to control the amount of space that is graded to accomidate the site modifier. Also your smaller pad would need to be next to but not touching your other pad. You might also be able to adjust the existing pad your walkway is using and modify it to take your stairs. Posting a screen shot might help. Hope that helps.

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Thanks J! I crated a pad for my stairs to sit on and then created a separate pad for the walkway to sit on but at the same elevation because it ends up sloping away. I guess I could create one big pad and start the slop of the walkway at the bottom of the stairs? Still getting used to this so trying to suss out all the nuances. Thanks again!

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I have found that I can create Pads that are extremely close to each other,  but not touching. The Pads should be surrounded by the same Boundary. 


Also, I often use other objects like Floors (slabs) or Roof Faces (yes I use Roof Faces for sloping walkways, driveways, etc) to cover the slight anomalies which the Site Model leaves due to non-intersecting Pads. This gives me the 3d visual presentation I'm after. I usually enhance or cover these shapes in annotations for clean 2d plan views.

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