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Customizing Hoist Object info Palette


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Hey. Searched for this for a bit and couldn't find anything.


I just did a very large show where I assigned every motor a hoist label, distro, cable length, X/Y and a few other parameters. Scrolling up and down the object info palette became very onerous after about 100 hoists...


So I went into the plug in manager and moved things around so the parameters I use are all at the top. It displayed just fine, but this generally broke the hoist plug in. entering a number might change the hoist symbol, where changing a hoist function would do nothing, etc. I'm missing something, right?


Also, it would be nice to copy the default hoist plugin and duplicate it into a custom plug in so I could screw around without having to reinstall VW when I do something that breaks the plugin.



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This is not an option for you.  There is no access to the code for the Hoist plug-in so copying and modifying it can't happen.  As you discovered, moving the parameters is not an option if you want to retain hoist OIP functionality.  This is true for every plug-in object except for the Lighting Device that was re-engineered from the ground up to allow for parameter additions and manipulation.  If you want to keep using hoists with their functionality, you might try crafting a special worksheet with the parameter fields presented in the order you want and keeping it open for hoist editing.  Not what you want, but its about all you can do unless you make your own hoist object without the help of the code already developed for VW hoists.

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That's basically what I do now, but it makes collaborating and last minute changes a nightmare. Then, when we go into second pods or seasons, everything's wrong on the drawing and it's changed enough that the worksheets might as well be hieroglyphs. I'm not losing any work or not getting what I need, ultimately. It's just a huge pain when the shows get really big.


Edit: Sorry, didn't answer your question: I'm trying to move things around within the OIP by editing the plug in in the plug in manager. I'd love to just copy-paste the bundled one as a custom plugin so I can play around, but it seems to be protected/hidden.


I can and have done what I'm saying with custom symbols and all, but it breaks the plug in.

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Sam Jones: Thought you were crazy, but decided to give you the benefit of the doubt for a minute. I had no idea that hoist worksheets looped back into the actual symbol data. I've been under the impression that it was just a glorified xcel sheet.


You sir have just knocked hours off of my workflow. Thank you!

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