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drip irrigation emitter workflow

bob cleaver

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We are developing a workflow to add irrigation emitters to a drawing that allows for automation in placing them in multiples at each plant.

We have considered using symbols (perhaps in a special class inside each plant symbol ? but do not want to break the class system and the pre-formatted worksheets)

Adding tubing between the emitters with an automated system would be helpful.

Perhaps a workflow already exists  -  Bryan Goff - 

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@Bryan G. This is a great idea. It would be great to somehow link planting decisions to irrigation decisions, particularly for anything point source as described. Maybe a function within a plant's definition (or custom definition) that would allow you to associate it with an irrigation outlet style?


This could save hours of time both in initial layout and potentially in revisions.

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@ericjhberg @bob cleaver

I am interested in this too.  I just tried adding a ring of emitters and associated piping related to the plant to a plant object's 2D representation.  We spend all this time laying out a planting design, it is a waste of time to have to place emitters from scratch.  Anyhow, VW was unable to find those emitters and lateral piping within the plant definition and was unable to connect the lateral lines running around to connect the plants to the valve.  I hope there is a better workflow for this that I am unaware of.  If not, it sounds like those of us with large irrigation needs need to have a brainstorming session with the programmers.  There seems to be so much potential with the VW irrigation tools if we can get them to work like we design, especially in places where we are required to show precision drip system designs on large projects.

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