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Amorphous - Julian

'Add 3d object to slab' to look normal in plan




We wanted to add a very simple profile to the edge of slab.

As we used the 'Add 3D object to slab' function. It's quite handy. 
But once added, this profile appears as multiple overlapping lines, and looks ridiculous in plan. It bunches up to look like one thick line.
This flaw rendered this otherwise great function unusable (see plan snapshow and the blowup)
Can we have the option to just see the extreme outline of the slab, instead of all the small curving lines?


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Hi Vectorworks engineers.


I understand you're all busy.


But today, I look at my plans again, and there's one part that looks really terrible, it relates to the issue I posted above. 


Unfortunately, apart from 'covering it up with a fill in 2D' there really isn't another way. And I'm totally not into 'covering up in 2D'.


Fact is, once we start 'covering up' there are too many plans I have to do this same thing in... our General Arrangement Plan... Floor Finishes Plan... Kitchen plan (there are many more plans than this, I won't bore you with the list).


Further, 'covering up' in drawing, is like 'lying' in real life. Somehow your lies will be undone, can you get in trouble. Many a time I think I'd fudge a dimension in plan to quickly send it out. Only to later find out later I have incompatible dimensions across various drawings. Fudging drawings and lying in real life as the same consequences. 

So, we need a solution to this. And I really look forward to your response. 😊


(By the way, I'm totally sympathetic and understanding towards the mountain of work Vectorworks engineer face. There are way more trouble-shooting/feature request posts added daily than you guys can get through- notwithstanding the work you already have on releasing new software versions. I hope Vectorworks management can resolve this issue, so we get happy customers as well as happy engineers moving forward). 


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