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Build summary list -- hanging PC


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I'm using a drawing that I drew in VW2019 and am now working on in 2020.

Everything seems to be find but whenever I modify the Summary List with all my fixtures, VW hangs and won't recover unless I force it to quit.


Here's what I've done:

- replaced all the fixtures in the drawings with ones in the VW2020 library

- deleted the Summary and built a new one from scratch

- Purged all the extraneous data in the drawing

- saved, closed and opened the drawing at various points of change and deletion to see if it made a difference


I seem to be able to make it happen whenever I try to re-order the component list in the tool.


I'm trying to avoid re-drawing the whole file if at all possible.


Any ideas?



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I've had a lot of issues working with 2019 files in 2020. I've had structural items¹ move 20 ft because I selected something near them... object info fields² produce unrecognizable data and reject any corrections... tools³ I need for my workflow just cease to work.


My solution was to create a new file in 2020 (based on my starting template imported from 2019). Then I copied and pasted-in-place each layer, one at a time, from the converted 2019 file to the new 2020 file. Thankfully, I had only 7 active layers.


For the record, the new working file had an identical list of assets since I copied every single symbol, texture, record and other element. The 2019 "corrupt" file also worked without any issues if I opened it in VW2019. This is definitely a 2020 problem.



I don't understand how Vectorworks continues to ship half-baked products year after year. It's not like we don't pay them hefty sums to make a usable product. Perhaps SP3 will fix this. Perhaps new VW releases should remain an internal beta from September to January, only becoming public GM candidates when they reach the SP3 level of stability.



I generalized above for all users. Specifics I encountered are for Spotlight/Entertainment users:

¹Truss symbols moved 20+ feet on the x axis without direct interaction—with another layer selected and Show/Snap Others active. Not all truss symbols (which are all not he same layer), only the ones near the lighting fixtures I was manipulating. The manipulations included no movement on the x or y axis.

²The Focus [point] field displayed degrees instead of the focus point name. This is also true for User Field 6, which should be blank by default. I was only able to change the focus point using the Edit Lighting Device window.

³The Draw Beam tool ceased to function at all, most likely due to corruption in the Focus field.


Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 12.02.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 12.03.13 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 12.05.02 PM.png

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Touché. I actually didn't think of the layer import. I tend to think of these scenarios as a delicate rescue mission—wherein I sift and save one block of assets at a time.


Since there was something wrong with the original file, I tested each layer after importing. To my knowledge, I imported an identical set of assets without incurring further corruptive behavior.


Perhaps I should attempt the same, with a full layer import as suggested.

I can share the file for discussion sake, if there's any interest (eh-hem, VW engineers?). Though I'd first need to remove any distinctive or proprietary client IP.

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