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VW2020 Spotlight Custom Lighting Device Parameters Error

Jonah Bobilin


I've noticed that since I've updated to VW2020 there seems to be an issue in the OIP sometimes where all the data fields for my lighting device parameters get jumbled. I've attached a screenshot for clarity.


I am working from older vectorworks files so I'm not sure if that has contributed to the issue. I believe that the crux of the problem is that I have a custom organization to the layout of my OIP for lighting devices which seems to be confusing the program. I've tried to recreate my settings within VW2020 rather than using my imported settings from VW2019, but the issue persists, which makes me think it might be an issue within the VW2020 spotlight preferences itself, rather than old file issue (especially because it's occurring across multiple files). The problem seems to surface when opening up files and when switching between two or more open files.


My workaround right now is:

1. Open the file and if the OIP is messed up...

2. File > Document Settings > Spotlight Preferences > Lighting Device Parameters

3. Set lighting device parameter set to Default

4. Refresh lighting instruments (command+/)

5. File > Document Settings > Spotlight Preferences > Lighting Device Parameters

6. Set lighting device parameter set back to my custom settings

*see second screenshot, for fixed


The workaround isn't terrible (although took a while to figure out initially) so if I was just doing this on startup I'd be fine, however I regularly switch back and forth between multiple open files and sometimes this issue occurs when switching between files, which interrupts my workflow.



OIP, fixed.png

OIP, with error.png

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Please find attached two files where I noticed the issue, and my saved preferences set. Still in the middle of drafting so the files may not be super clean.


My guess is the issue has something to do with the way VW is reading the LightingDeviceParamsSavedSets file. Doesn't seem to be file specific.



UHMS2020-SueñoLightPlot v2020.vwx MVTDesperateMeasures-LightPlot.vwx LightingDeviceParamsSavedSets.xml

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