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Seating tool is so slow

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Anyone else having an issue where the seating tool is so slow? I have a seating section with 5000 seats, then I add in aisles, 8 or so of them. And it takes forever. I needed to change some aisles, so I would delete one to replace it with a new one, and I would click delete, then it would take about 30 seconds before it would finally delete. It is really hard to work with, especially when it comes to fine tuning.

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It has taken me about an hour of work to finally get to where I am now. I had to move all of the seats back about 10 feet, so I selected them and all of the aisles, and moved them, and it took about 10 minutes of waiting for it to finally move. And after moving it, I realized it needed to go back farther, so now I need to wait for another 10 minutes for it to move again before I can see if it is right.

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3 hours ago, Tanner Shelton said:

I wish that weren't the answer, just not using it. I can follow that advice and not use it any longer though as yes, it takes ages to do anything with it.


I hear you!


For the ballroom layout example you're showing - I feel like you could lay it all out with one chair symbol in about 15 minutes and be done with it.  There are so many repeating seating sections, once you get the downstage most sections laid in, you just copy and paste.   I usually drop in some rectangles to lay in my aisles first for reference - then delete them at the end.  You could even lay out one side of the room and then mirror it - then knock out those areas at the bottom of the drawing for Tech.  I usually have to knock a few out for ADA as well and if they are symbols, it's easy to do.  I would make each seating section a group and put all those groups into one master group.  As long as you don't have hidden stacked duplicates - going into groups and selecting all will give you accurate chair counts per section


I make my chair symbols hybrids - so I'm getting the 2D and the 3D at the same time.  If your machine is struggling during layout, you can change the 2D part of the hybrid to a simple rectangle while you do the layout work and then once you have it all dialed in - swap out the 2D part of the symbol for the real chair line work.



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