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Before I submit a business case to add ConnectCAD......

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I like what I see in the demo version.  I have question as to the future development of the plugin.


There are some noticeable omissions from the current release such as automatic classing of objects, the ability to manipulate text size etc.


Is there a list of planned developments or a pathway for further integration?


I had a hard enough time convincing my company to invest in braceworks when I had to tell them all the things it didn't do and I don't want to go through the same process!

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Hi Mike,


We're always working to improve ConnectCAD. Hooking up with Vectorworks has only accelerated that process. In this last year we have completed a huge transition from being primarily based in Vectorscript to becoming a fully SDK-based plug-in. Of course there have been some changes. We wouldn't be doing the new technology any justice if there weren't. You do well to draw my attention to anything you see as an omission. You appreciate that we have taken the opportunity to prune away some dead wood. Please let me know in as much detail as you can regarding any facilities you had, that you actually miss now.


Publishing our roadmap here is something I would have to clear with my management. But I can tell you that we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline.


There will always be an infinite list of things a piece of software doesn't do !!! Perhaps it's a tribute to how great software has become that our expectations are limitless!



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