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it would be great if you guys could show me your settings for this and or post the drawing so I can analyze and get somewhere on this.. I am trying numerous ways but not getting anything nearly as nice as yours... and it is staying dark. what are the settings for the indirect lighting? If I have the corner and ceiling what background do I chose? does the corner and or ceiling effect the indirect lighting? which should be chosen? any help is appreciated..


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Sorry I had to run out yesterday.  

You need a background to reflect in order to get reflections on your subway tile, and a bump map to make the tile look 3d.  Your current texture does not have these things.  I would put a plane behind your camera shot with a blurry picture of a room as the texture, set in the glow channel so that it is always lit.  

Don't depend on GI to solve all your issues, it usually doesn't.  I used area lights instead because they render quicker and you can adjust your falloff, whereas GI is trying to mimic the bouncing of photons, and so fall off is not really something to be controlled easily.  It also takes forever and there is a lot of tweak, wait, tweak, etc.  A common cheat is to use ambient light, and then turn on ambient occlusion (shadowing where edges touch) to mimic GI.  

I rendered my shot in Cinema 4D, which has the original engine that VW uses.  It has a lot more control over rendering options.  Here you can see I have the ISO set at 200 and I'm slightly underexposing the shot, then grading the final output curve to get your lights to slightly overexpose.  You can do these things in VW with camera effects, I just find that C4D has a faster workflow.  The reflections of the room are blurry because I blurred the image of the room, and they cut in and out because of the bump map.




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