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Solid Boolean node operation in the Marionette Object OIP


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I'm still very new to the Marionette tool. I'm trying to figure out how to implement the Solid Boolean nodes operation (Add/Subtract/Intersect) into the final Marionette Objects OIP as a drop down list. My wish is to be able to change the operation without having to go into the script to change it. Apologies if the solution is a simple one, but I've run out of ideas and resources to reference.

Screenshot (3)_LI.jpg

Screenshot (5)_LI.jpg

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Unfortunately it's not that simple. The dropdown from the Solid Boolean node can't be exposed in the OIP of a Marionette object. In order to have the functionality exposed, you have to use a Valve node and place two Solid Boolean nodes in the drawing, where the Valve node would turn on and off the two Boolean nodes, depending on the True or False value you give the Valve node. The True or False value can be made accessible in the OIP. This would give you access to two of the Boolean functions. If you want access to all three Boolean functions, that makes it even more complex - I believe you could do it with multiple Valve nodes, but I would have to test it.

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@m.graf is your file by any chance in 2020 version as I can't seem to open the drawing.


I was hoping to understand how you've created a dropdown option with input values, since I am trying something similar where I want a rectangle to have pre-define 'height' and 'width'. And What I've done is created every single value I want using Dim input node, which goes into a ordered list and into pop dialogue box and into the rectangle node (image below). 


However, instead of the pop-up box being in the OIP,  the pop up box appears only when 'running' the network. I have named the Pop-Up node but does not want to appear in OIP. Am I doing something wrong?

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 11.28.38.png

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@m.graf Thank you so much for creating the network for me to understand.

At first, I was really confused what you meant by edit the node. I have never done scripting but understand what you said, and so I added value (510, 610, 710) instead of choice_1, choice_2 and so forth, and did another pass node with other value options. 912654709_ScreenShot2020-02-14at14_17_08.thumb.png.8608f99f196771921c820e840f4118f9.png

However, I am not getting what I need and I wonder if its due to my lack of scripting knowledge or understanding of how to use nodes to do what you want. 


Example, I have 'values' in the pass node and I have tried to two different approach to create a geometry based on those values.


(using your method, though I don't understand the use of 0, 1, 2 in integer values or the equal node)


(use the value to integer as it was not creating a shape when I ran it)


The result I get is a square box with the dropdown option of the values but the object is not the value and changes randomly when I select another value from drop down.1194461148_ScreenShot2020-02-14at14_40_39.thumb.png.f3b52836e31f1513294e011b41116335.png


Where am I going wrong? And, do you know if there any more tutorials to understand marionettes as I've gone through the 1-5 vwx marionette videos on youtube and seminar? 

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@m.graf I see what you have done in terms of the script and also manage to create additional choices (3 more) and altered the number values which is a great help, so thank you very much for your time.


Is there anyway I can possibly contact you directly for any further issues relating to something I am creating.

Maybe even helping me have a better idea of where I should start I've seen 3/4 possible ways of doing something I am trying to create.



32 minutes ago, m.graf said:

you must add the DIM by script or with Marionette Network 

What do you mean by DIM by script (I am a complete noob at script but I assume you add 'DIM' somewhere?)

When you say marionette network, do you mean the DIM node, there only seems to be output value, unless you mean changing the script for that node too?

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