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Re-Using Classes from my Student Days



I learnt to use Vectorworks (Landmark) at college as part of my design course.

Now that I'm upgrading to the non-student version, I would like to use the classes that I developed  over the past 2 years in VW2019 (Student License).


When I try to import classes through the New Class function, I get:

This file is not in the format used by the application version you are running, so the file cannot be used.


Anyone with any bright ideas of what I should do? Or even if I can?

I don't know if I can go through developing all my specific classes again.😬


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Nicky

If you choose File > New > Use Document Template, you will find a new template on the list called Landmark Metric UK (Garden Design). This file contains all the classes that you used on your college course Nicky... and a few more. We've built it into the software this year.


We running a webinar on this in the UK, specifically for our customers who have an active Vectorworks Service Select contract. It's on Friday 7th February, and I'll be running it to talk you through all he features of this template:



Hope that helps.


If you particularly want to use the old file, you will need to open and save it in 2020 first. Then, you will be able to import classes from it. But beware - this may watermark your file as the template was originally worked on in your student licence.

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