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Cupcake Sprinkles?

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2 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Another possibility would be to make the frosting as a Digital Terrain Model. Then you could use the Send to Surface command to put the sprinkles on the frosting.

I tried that.  The frosting has overhanging cliffs, depending on the degree of twisting and the depth of the ridges. I don't think the DTM is meant to handle such conditions. 


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FWIW, the way I went about placing the sprinkles via Marionette was to generate curves from the model and getting the points on each curve by subdivision. Each sprinkle-symbol is then placed on one of those points and rotated randomly. That is why they get embedded. If there was a way to generate random points on each surface of the frosting model and getting the normal's orientation at that point, the sprinkles could be placed perpendicular to the surface and then be rotated randomly. Unfortunately I don't know of a way to do that with Marionette.

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That worked.

Create a drape surface. U and V iteration = 100. 

Name it "test2".

Run the Marionette.

Adjust level of embedding by changing the insertion point of the symbol and the rotation values in the Marionette.


Reference a different symbol and repeat.

Delete the symbol instances that are outside the icing and those that collide with others. Max. 10 minutes clean-up work.

You could try and expand the Marionette to go looking for symbols that are placed too closely to others but it's hardly worth the effort, I don't think.


Sprinkle v 2.0.vwx

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