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how to retrieve style component properties from a hardscape object?


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is there a way to retrieve the properties of the slab style that has been used for the hardscape 3d creation?

the only value i get in the report is the name of the first component, no way to get to the bottom components.

the combination of the componentname and the criteria for the slab style with numeric indices don't work in the database call.


seems to be a black box...

anybody have a clue?



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Sorry for the delay in responding.


In a database you don't need to use the criteria, just the numeric index. Effectively the Criteria are specified as what is generating the subrow in the database row.


So =ComponentName(1). =ComponentName(2).  =ComponentName(3). should get you the names of the first three components.


=CompentName(some number higher than the max number of components). appears to return a blank cell.

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hi pat, thanks for looking into it.


the thing is that the db call doesn't return the values that are hidden in the hardscape's slab for the 3d view. it just doesn't recognize this as components of the slab style.

here's the hardscape oip screenshot:




here's the slab style




here's the resulting report, comparing two objects: one a slab, and another one a hardscape, both created from the same slab style




here's the report data:




am i doing anything wrong?



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