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VW 11.5 and Multiple Mac User Accounts


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I did a quick search of this topic and did not see exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully I am not repeating something already discussed...

I am trying to set up multiple users on our office graphics machine. We are running Mac OS 10.4.2, on an imac G-5.

There seems to be a problem when I set up multiple user accounts. Vector Works only works on the account that I originally loaded the application in. When I try to open the application in my second user account I get an error message that says that the file is damaged or corrupt.

I have tried to fix the permissions, without much success, but I am wondering about the best protocol for fixing this problem.


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Basically the computer was set up with only one user account. Then Vectorworks was loaded. After that, a new user account was created. I might try to unload VW and do a re-install in the first main user account, then set my permissions for both accounts and see if that fixes the problem.

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And here is an interesting update to this question...

So I installed VW 11.0 on the main administrator user account. I was able to change the permissions and get the secondary user access to the program.

However when I went through my update process to 11.0.1 and then to 11.5.0, I was not able to able get VW to work on the secondary account by fixing the permissions.

This did not seem to be the case on my laptop which runs OSX 10.3.9.

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Me neither. OSX 10.4.2 and VW 11.5.1. I've made the entire VW folder (and all enclosed files and folders) Read/Write/Executable for all of the owner, group and other users. I also copied over the VW preferences to the new user (and adjusting the ownership/permissions on those too). Still won't work for other users.

I would really, really appreciate it if NNA could make this work out for us. Puh-lease! Puh-lease!

[ 09-20-2005, 09:10 PM: Message edited by: Zeibin ]

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If, after checking permissions (including the details and applying to all subfolders) this doesn't work, contact Customer Service to have an 11.5.1 install CD sent to you. The problem only happens with the updaters. The CD install does not have this problem.

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