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Creating objects using Polygons and polylines



I don't know what I have done but each time I try to use the polyline, polygon, line, and rectangle tools to create an object, I get at the end of the command a second outline in soft orange. This disappears after clicking the mouse and the line or outline I have drawn relocates inwards (say 3 cms), and resizes the shape of the object to a smaller size than I intended. Changing modes in the tool palette doesn't make any difference to the result. Is there something else that I am missing?

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The nature of the symptoms you describe suggest to me an aspect of your file or Vectorworks installation is corrupt, or there are some extreme and unrealised conditions (Far Out Objects) in that file resulting in odd expressions. Or possibly there's a software conflict with another program, although this is much less likely. 


I suggest you: 

  1. Close all other programs, then re-test. If the issue persists: 
  2. Do an acid test: 
    1. Close all currently open Vectorworks files
    2. Open a new blank document (File > New… > Create Blank Document)
    3. Re-test
    4. If the issue doesn't occur, it is almost certainly particular to your file. In which case there's either a corruption in your file, or (more likely) your file has Far Out Objects. (Click here for a solution). 
  3. If the issue doesn't occur in a new blank document, then the solutions will be to either: 
    • Reset Vectorworks Preferences, OR 
    • Uninstall then Reinstall Vectorworks. (Use the dedicated 'Uninstall' app in the Vectorworks Program Files folder (Windows) or Vectorworks application folder on Mac.
      • If you preserve your Vectorworks User Data and Preferences Folder, move it elsewhere before opening the new installation of Vectorworks.
      • If you need it, put it back after testing the new installation. If the problem returns, you know it relates to your Vectorworks User Data and Preferences Folder. 
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Thank you for that. Very helpful suggestions. I think unrealised conditions/far out objects and conflicts with other objects could have been responsible. The condition has reappeared since fixing but has again been resolved. The conditions interestingly didn't reoccur in a new document.

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