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Vectorscript Function Extension?

Pat Stanford

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Yeah, I see there is an example, but I can't even tell that it is really an example. Does it actually do anything? Can it be compiled and installed and actually called?


This is probably the 6th time I have looked at the SDK and I have never been able to figure out enough of it to even do a "Hello World" object.  GRRRRR. The docs just don't work with my brain.

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Short answer - yes. If you compile the project, you'll get a TesterModule.vwlibrary (assuming Mac), which if you install in your plug-ins, you have access to this function:




that takes two integers as input and returns their sum.


It will show up in the VS editor in the Test Category section.


As for the particulars of getting everything set up in Xcode or VisualStudio, that's a longer conversation. Also crucial is ModuleMain.cpp, which registers the function when Vectorworks loads. The developer wiki has some information on the universal name and UUID.

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I can provide you with some other samples if you need some. They come in handy sometimes, the benefit is that such a tiny script has access to your complete SDK. If you have SDK bases plug-ins you can use this to make certain data or functionality accessible through VS.

I have made several of those for my plug-ins. e.g.:

The ability to activate our license to use our software for the current session, bypassing our default activation method. It requires a custom hash to unlock the current specific day.




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