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Extra Outside Frame as Node Object or Command

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Hello! I´d like to create a Node Object or Command with this shape. The geometry is fairly simple, rectangle with thickness and minor offsets.
What I can´t wrap my head around is how to build the base network for the two methods.
For the NodeObject I´d like to build it from two "draggable" points. How can I input them in VW and reference them in a Network?
For the Command method, I´d build it with two clicks on the opposite corners of the pre-built window-set (Windows are built from several joint modules). How can I reference "clicks" in a network that will be later a wrapper and then a command?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help, it will be very much appreciated!!200123_Sonderrahm.thumb.jpg.a16c37590efe4285d7f0d64d17334339.jpg

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with "MouseClick's" - i don't know, but the CritNode with ((SEL=TRUE)) works with selected objects, but you can test this only with the Command method

in a wrapper or MarionetteObjekt very simple with named objects and the input nodes "name" or "controlgeometry"


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I discovered by dumb luck that a prism "object node" made with Marionette will "drill a hole" in a wall when you attach the prism to it.
What I don´t get is how to define the parameters of the frame. I thought I had it but the only one that is right is the "Dicke" (Thickness) everything else makes no sense.
Can it be because I modelled it "flat" (XY) and turned it afterwards? How can I define a vertical rectangle from the beginning?
Thanks in advance!!


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