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Adjust Flipped Text

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Is there way to keep "Adjust Flipped Text" ON in document preferences, but have one piece of text NOT auto-orientate? I need something to be readable from the left as opposed to from the right, but I don't want to turn off the document preference since that affects everything.


This is for a piece of text in a Title Block, specifically.


Any workarounds?



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How about putting that text block in a sheet layer viewport on its own and turn off the "adjust flipped text" option  in the advanced tab......Or does the text need to reference title block data?


a hefty workaround but should work?




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1 hour ago, Pat Stanford said:

A one line Vectorscipt of:




with unclip or reflip a text (or any other object).  I don't know if that will work for your need or not, but I worked on a text block that was flipped (mirrored actually) with Adjust Flipped Text turned off.

Sounds interesting. How would you implement that @Pat Stanford?


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4 hours ago, markdd said:

Or does the text need to reference title block data?


It does indeed... Good thought though!

This isn't something crucial at all, but it'd be nice to figure out. Here's a test file:



The goal is to have the text in the upper left readable from the "left" side of the paper, so that when someone rolls up the print the wrong way the sheet number and title are still readable. (Yes it's 'readable' the way it is but it seems backwards)




@Pat Stanford I couldn't get the script to work with "Adjust Flipped Text" remaining on, unfortunately.







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1 minute ago, Andy Broomell said:


Thanks Nikolay, but the entire point of this post was to see if it's possible to adjust a single text object without changing it for the entire document.


Ops, sorry about that, seems like I have missed this important detail.

Then, I think that this is not possible at this time, as the TBB is creating the text that way. It is not doing any modifications to the text settings, so it is interesting why the text is flipped in one place and not in the other. I will see if this is actually a missed case in the TBB logic and let you know in here.

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I think I found a work around.


Edit the TBB, select the text and change the angle by .02°. So set the rotation angle for the text block to 270.02° That seems to be enough to confuse the Adjust Flipped Text algorithm and get it to leave the block alone and still be visibly imperceptible. Especially after you get it on paper which is the intended use.


The smaller font size inside the border is linked to the same field as the original and shows the same as the original when in Edit Title Block Layout mode. It just has the 0.02° rotation added.



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@Pat Stanford Thanks for the simple script and work around.


Document Preferences is set to Adjust Flipped Text, that it "fixes" all flipped text boxes.

With the Document Preference ON to adjust, all text boxes flipped, mirrored, or rotated gets fixed to the correct view orientation. Permanently.

Turning OFF the Document Preference AFTER making flipped text does not change or adjust the existing text. It only impacts future text adjustments.

VP Advanced Settings only adjust text boxes that is made while the Document Preference is OFF.

Text Inside a Symbol DOES NOT get "Fixed" while Document Preference is ON.

The text in the symbol appears correct while the Document Preference is ON.

Turning the Document Preference OFF after flipping symbols that contain text will revert the orientation of the text. (Not the same behavior as text boxes)


Mention this since I was attempting to get text to read upside down in a VP on a drawing. (Plan in the middle and elevations drawn on all 4 sides aligned with the plan)

Turned OFF the VP Advanced Setting for Flipped Text and then had to tweak/rotate/mirror a few notes symbols to get them to display correctly.


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@DBruhnke Your statements above pretty well match with my understanding. In the initial case, since the text was being generated as part of a PIO (Title Block Border) every time the PIO was regenerated effectively the text was recreated. Which meant that since @Andy Broomell needed Adjust Flipped Text to be on, there was no way to exclude the one piece of text that he wanted flipped. That is where the 0.02° off of square makes a difference.


I am pretty sure you understand that, but I often use the Forum as part of my external brain, so I try my best to document the Why in most of these threads as well as the how/what.

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