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Get IFC „DoorID“ via Marionette


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Hey Everyone,

I’m currently working on a network that will sort rooms into categories based, amongst other, on the opening type of the door. I’m able to get the opening direction via „Get IFC pSet Value“, ‚IFC pSetName‘: ‚Doorstyle‘, ‚IFCPropName‘: ‚OperationType‘, but I can’t figure out how to get the data from „DoorID“ that I defined via the Info/IFC-Data dialog in the doors settings. 

Is the DoorID a pSet value? 

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@m.graf @Pat Stanford 

That’s what I thought, though i was confused since it was listed in the „IFC/Info“ panel. 

I was able to assign each door a number through their Classification - Name Field, this field is now set up through the IFC-Datamanager to reference the Object.DoorID.


Also, one thing to note is that I had to un-assign and re-assign the IfcDoor Database to each door before running the script after making the changes in the IFC-Datmanager. Otherwise the Value is displayed in the info panel when selecting the door but Marionette-Scripts will not be able to read it and the Get pset nodes will produce an error. 


Unrelated to the DoorID problem at hand, I was unable to set database fields that are a Pop-Up. I think these are either referred to as „enumeration“ or „Identifier“, but I am unsure how to set them using the set database node. I tried using a string or integer equal to the popups values but it didn’t work.

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I created a quick file with a script that will try to categorise three rooms via their floor area into categories. The database is „Hotelzimmer“, the entry its trying to adjust is „Zimmertyp“. I’ve also tried to control one ‚set database‘ node via a string and two via integer but it doesn’t work in both cases. Very interesting to note is that after running the script one is unable to set the „Zimmertyp“ popup manually, it is now a blank entry and won’t present the other options set up inside the database. The database has to be deleted from the object and re-assigned in order to be able to set any popups values again.

200122 Test Database Popup.vwx

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