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Move Tool Breaks Truss

Wesley Burrows


I'm trying to do something stupid simple and it screws up every time.


I'm taking this and trying to move it downstage 2'.




So I select it all:




cmd + m




Then I get presented this lovelyness:




W.T.H.  how is something so simple broke.    I get similar dumbness with the mirror tool.   The mirror previews in the correct spot,  then it puts it somewhere totally wrong.  




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Fun Fact,  same thing happens if you select all,  drag down and tab to put 24" in the length. 


Also happens for a co-worker on his machine using Mojave.




The Vector-workaround is convert the truss to a symbol,  then move it.    Braceworks seems to be breaking it.    Completely infuriating. 

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