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DMX Provider grandma Missing Vision 2020 w/Dongle

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I am having the following problem.

With Vision 2020, Grandma does not appear to me as a DMX provider. But when I use vision 2019, it seems and works perfect.
Both versions work with Arnet.
I have the vision dongle, I have the plug in the grandma for vision.
I have installed and uninstalled vision 2020 and the plug in and the problem continues.

Any ideas?

From already thank you very much.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Be sure you install Vision AFTER installing or updating the MA DMX provider plug-in. We have been finding that the MA installer overwrites the DMX provider installed in the Vision folder. Unfortunately we don't have any control over the MA installer so we can't prevent the files from being modified.

Tech support can walk you thru the process of reinstalling Vision or manually updating the file in needed.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
18 hours ago, AlexSawaya said:

PD: I reinstall why see this message and start vision:


I could be wrong, but I think @BrandonSPP told me about this at one point and I looked into it. I'm not entirely sure that we have control over the code that spawns this dialog. I'm not sure why it spawns, but @BrandonSPP mentioned way back when that despite this dialog, MANet always seems to work just fine?


I'll double check and see if a ticket is opened up against this. At the very least, we should have this documented in our bug system so we have a more definitive answer when this question pops up.


Either way, hopefully everything is working for you now!

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