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Curved retaining wall site modifier causing issue

J. Wallace


I posted this within the site design forum but perhaps it  is better suited here.
Hello everyone

I started having an interesting challenge on Friday with a small site model and a curved retaining wall site modifier that was inserted.

I've never experienced this issue and hope others might see an easy fix.

To clarify:

I have a small site model (under 1/2 acre) that was created using survey 3d polygons. All the polygons have low numbers of vertices so the model itself seems stable and easy to move around.

In this design we are placing a new retaining wall that curves across the rear landscape.

The file is not huge 120+ mb

It appears that when one creates a retaining wall site modifier in a curved shape that the results can cause severe slow downs and crashes in this file.

If you take a look at the second image I attached you'll see countless lines coming from the site model and running behind the retaining wall, this is where I think the issue is

If I delete the retaining wall site modifier the file behaves itself, when it's present I have to wait several minutes for the site model to update and for the open GL to render. Even then the open GL looks poor regardless of settings. This has never happened to me on my current computer.

When I change the retaining wall shape and reduce the curves, add a new retaining wall site modifier makes for a more stable file. I can conclude that these curves are causing some issues with the site model and making the file un-workable even with a robust computer. Has anyone noticed this limitation before? It's not great for us as we often work with organic shapes.

I've attached the file having removed everything but the site model, the wall, retaining wall site modifier and a small pad in front. No modifier conflicts are reported.

I would love to hear peoples comments on this.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

site model issue.png

site model issue1.png

site model issue2.png

Site model.vwx

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@J. Wallace, I share your pain.

I have been experiencing issues with curvy Grade Limits and Pads. Even though they are centimeters away, I have over 1200 model conflicts saying that pad modifier intersects grade limit. See below. My Model basically even stopped calculating flow arrows because of these.

I am hoping there is a competent/ experienced user here who has an idea what causes the problem and how to resolve it.  


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