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We are a small Audio Visual Company looking for someone to help with getting the vision out of my head and into a computer for clients.  Pretty basic stuff...projectors, screens, drape, lighting & PA gear.   We  work at various venues and the setups are usually just slightly different each time.   Not every project requires a drawing.  I am looking for someone I can send venue drawings and gear lists and have it drawn.  AV experience will make the revisions fewer in number.  Any suggestions to accomplishing this?  A little more growth with require a full time position and software...just not quite there yet.  Thanks.

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@JRAVS I have been designing and drafting broadcast & AVL systems for seventeen years.  A recent contracted client standardized on Vectorworks which forced me to learn it this past year.  I am freelance and able to work on a project by project or sheet by sheet basis.  Feel free to drop me a line if you want more information michael@cmndpro.com 727-560-0134

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Hey @jravs,


I'm a Entertainment Project Manager in Arizona.   I currently serve as a Technical Director for a large scale university.   Previously I've worked for AV companies, event decor companies and other large scale theatrical venues both in Vectorworks and AutoCAD.   What you describe is just another day for me.   Feel free to shoot me an email at allenshapiro@gmail.com.  I'd be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.




Allen Shapiro

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