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Guides or measuring tool




Is there a keyboard command or path for creating a guide that serves as a ruler or grid which I can use to line up wall intersections without recourse to the measuring tool to define the parameters of where to stop or begin a wall or an opening before drawing it with the Wall tool? 

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You can draw any object and use the Modify:Guides:Make Guide command. This changes the class to Guides and locks the object so it is not accidentally moved.


You should probably also take a closer look at the various snapping features as @Boh suggested. Using snapping you can get the first point where you want it and then use that to align the others without having to make Guide objects.

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Photoshop and illustrator have a great system that uses the rulers to quickly drag construction lines onto page and you can drag and copy them, lock them etc.  so much faster than finding the right class, starting a line, zooming out, ending the line the converting the line to a guide line. Then working for a bit and finding you need to do it all over again. 

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