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How dows VW use memory

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I currently run a system with 32GB of ECC memory.   After watching the Memory usage I have noticed a trend.  On my machine VW seems to utilize close to the same amount of memory no matter how many VW files I have open at a given time.   My question is how does VW 2020 manage memory?  I know some programs will set a limit to not utilize more than a percentage of the total System available and others will utilize how much they need as long as it is available regardless of percentage of total use.  Which is it?    I can upgrade my memory to 128GB for relatively inexpensively, but I am curious to know if VW will take advantage of increasing from 32 GB to 64 GB or even 128 GB?



Here are system specs for reference:
-Xeon E5-2667 V4 Processor
-32 GB  DDR4 2400mHz ECC unbuffered Memory
-1Tb NVME M.2 Drive for System
-1Tb Sata 6 SSD Drive for Data

-Quadro P4000 GPU

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Vectorworks will do fine with 32GB, more is probably overkill if I am properly interpreting past comments by VW people (e.g. Jim Wilson mentioned something tot this extent in the past).


This doesn't mean that having more than 32GB is not useful, it will help if you are running multiple programs simultaneously so that each program will still have sufficient memory available. One thing in the past was that Renderworks had a tendency to run out of memory and crash VW on an 8 GB system (which was more than sufficient for most software at the time) but I doubt that even Renderworks will take full use of more than 32GB of RAM these days.


I'd think that upgrading to 64 GB would be sufficient to allow for multiple programs to run simultaneously next to VW. You'll probably run out of CPU resources before your run out of memory in most cases unless you are simultaneously running other programs that use a huge amount of memory .

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