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Hi everyone,


I would like to get on with this thread to request some advices on worksheet formulas.

I'm working on a worksheet to centralised information for my space style library. However I can't really figure out the difference between some formulas that seem to return the same information. 

For exemple, in order to get the Space Number, it seems that I could indifferently use



=DSH.'BIM Space'.'Space Number'

>>> would you have a clue on why I should use one formula rather than the other? 


Similarly, what it the difference between

='Space'.'11_Gross Perim'


='Space'.'Gross Perim'

>>> When should I use one or the other? 


Is ='Space'.'11_NameDisplay'

really the same as =GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ


If someone could clarify this for me, it would be really helpful... Thank you very much!


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I believe the 11_ parameters are formatted as Strings with units included. That makes them difficult to use in calculations as they are not numbers.


So Space.11_Gross Perim  might return 36,57 sq m.  while Space.Gross Perim would return just 36,57. You could then use a SUM function on the numbers to get the total perimeters.


(I don't have VW open, so I may be backwards on which is string and which is number).


GetSpaceNumForObj is relatively new. I THINK it was added in VW2021, but it may have been in VW2020. I think it was added to make using the worksheet easier so that the user does not HAVE to understand how the parameter record for the Space object is set up.


I have never seen the DSH format before. Or any type of three level indenting of records and fields, so I can not help on that one.

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Hi Pat, 


Thank you for coming back to me. Yes indeed, I realized that the 11_ parameter does return a rounded number with units included. 

About the other different formats, I wonder if they just go and fetch the same information or if the information is somehow translated (same way 11_ is string vs number other wise)... I have deduced that the DSH format is somehow link to some needs related to IFC and Cobie... but not sure. I'll leave it as it is for now.

Thank you for your time. 

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