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Importing STP files

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Any tips for importing STP files into Vectorworks?   Originally created in Inventor.


I received one which is 150MB, imports nicely into VWX but swells to 1GB+ in file size.


Also - very slow doing some operations (rotate, going into flyover) but once in the flyover tool it is very smooth.


Any suggestions appreciated.



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ugh is all I can say about stp files.  My workflow was to import them into a shuttle file, then go through and delete all of the things I could get away with to get the polygon count down.  Rebuild some things that I could rebuild easily, to again get the poly count down.  Then bring that into my main file.  

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It depends on the quality of the original model and the software used to create the STEP/STP file. E.g. AutoCAD has a tendency to export heavily triangulated 3D objects and surfaces when exporting to another 3D format. Sometimes the software importing the 3D file can fix some or most of that.


If you have Rhino available it might be worth trying to import into Rhino first, then save the imported file again in Rhino format and then import that file into VW. Rhino tends to clean up geometry quite a bit if it is a 3D export from AutoCAD though results may vary depending on how the 3D model was made. Maybe the same applies to Revit 3D exports as well.


Another option could be using CAD file format translator, Okino is one of the better ones but whether it is worth the cost depends on how often you will be using it.

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