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Line Type Palette (self-created)



Some years ago (MiniCAD 4+?) I created a Line Type Palette that allowed (and still allows) me to click on a "Line Type" (for example "00-Blue") which changes the line color (prior to drawing it) to BLUE and .15 thickness (like old drafting pens). This palette (with some tweaking in various version upgrades) still works fine in my custom files (that I use for my architectural work), but NOT in the VW default "NEW" file (VW 2020, current SP). The line weights change but NOT the color. 


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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The way color are defined changed a loooong time ago, but the old method basically still worked. hold 


If you can post the script (hold down the Option key and click on the script in the Palette. Copy the script from the Script Editor window) we can probably help you figure out what needs to change to make the scripts work again.


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Somewhere along the line, VW shifted from a mostly fixed color palette to the more flexible multiple palettes that we have today. Originally since there was a "fixed" palette, you could use a single number to define the color.


With the new format, colors need to be defined using three values RGB (Red, Green, Blue).


The attached script will return the RGB values for the PenFore of the first selected object on the active layer. Select an object with the color you want, run the script, copy the values from the dialog box. Edit your script and paste the RGB string into the PenFore() in place of the single number.

Procedure ReturnRGB;

Var	R1,G1,B1:Real;
	S1:=StrDialog('Pen RGB Values',Concat(R1,',',G1,',',B1));



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