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Worksheet/Report formatting and ID Prefix

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Hi there,


We are using a simplified window schedule using records from the windows to show id prefix, id label, height, width etc. We have sorted the windows using a prefix such as A, B, C etc.  We would like to add a title in a row above the A prefix windows that says "Main Floor", and "Bedrooms" over the B prefix windows.  Is this possible? We have tried several varying workarounds and cannot get it to show so far. (See first screenshot to show where we would like to add these titles within rows).


As a plan B, I was thinking about creating separate reports/worksheets for each ID prefix, such as one for the A prefix, and one for the B prefix etc and be able to have a text row above each worksheet.  How do I pull only the records where 'Window'.'IDPrefix' = A (B, C etc)?  I have tried editing the Criteria within the report so that IDPrefix = A, but it does not change anything (see attached Criteria list that does not work).  I am missing something, and it feels like its probably something incredibly simple. 


Any help here is greatly appreciated!


Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.21.55 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.31.21 PM.png

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You have a couple of conflicting issues that are going to make this a little challenging.


First your idea of doing multiple reports is good. You can actually do multiple databases in a single worksheet so you could manually put your header row in.


The problem is that VW automatically "ORs" criteria that use the same criteria type. So when you have Field Value On Schedule is 1 and Field Value ID Prefix = A both in the criteria list you will end up with every window that is marked as On Schedule OR has and ID Prefix of A. There is no easy way to work around this automatic "OR".


If you can change the prefixes on the windows that should not be on the schedule, then you can delete the three rows of On Schedule and use ID Prefix = A as the only Field Value criteria and get the subset you want.


The other option, if you are running VW2020 is to use the new Database By Script command. This will allow you to create a database using any criteria you want and specifying exactly what goes into each subrow. This was actually developed for the one of the Landmark Planting schedules to put the summary into the place it was desired. (I can't remember if it was to move to the top or the bottom.) But this option requires being able to script in either Vectorscript or Python (at least a little bit). You might get some takers to help you write the script, but you are going to have to completely specify exactly what the script needs to do. If it is only A and B it is pretty easy. If you need A to ZZZ or something like that it gets more complicated.


If you have Landmark or Designer, there are a couple of example scripts in [Vectorworks]\Libraries\Defaults\Reports_Schedules\Landmark Schedules





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Hi Pat,


Thank you for your insight here.  That makes sense about the OR, no wonder it wasn't changing anything.  I was playing around with the other options and I am able to use the <> A and get all windows with Field Value: On Schedule that are not A, but I am not able to get all windows that are On Schedule and only A.  If only the equals sign could mean "only equals". Hmmm.  I wonder if there is any other way to do this... 


Currently using 2019 for now, so it sounds like I have to wait on the second solution.

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The easiest way to do this would be to make sure you only have items with a given prefix that are "on schedule".  Edit the ones that should not be on the schedule to be A' or A- or A* or -A, etc.  A [space] would probably even work. Then you don't need the On Schedule criteria.

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Is another perhaps simpler option is to put the “A” windows on an A class and the “B” ones on a B class etc.


Then have seperate database rows for each class?

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