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Dialog Builder Beginner Questions


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Hello everybody


In the German version the DialogBuilder was installed from VW2020 on and now I had to try how it works. Thereby I stumbled over some questions and would be really glad if someone could help me with it.


1. How can I fill a drop-down list with values?
2. Can I get the strings from an other place than the automatically generated .vwr?
3. Certain elements of the dialog are changed during the display. For example, clicking All changes the checkboxes. Where can I create these functions?
4. How can I call the dialog from my plug-in?
5. How can I reuse the return values of my dialog?
6. How can I map a listing of all layers? The problem here is not listing, but mapping in the dialog. This is problematic for me because the number of layers is not fixed. Therefore I would have to map a variable number of text fields, which I still fail with the dialog builder. Another complicating factor is that I want to have a field with editable text next to the layer name. Is such a thing possible or do I have to do without the dialogbuilder?


The tool is absolutely ingenious and makes the creation of dialogs much easier.


It does not matter if not all questions can be answered. If I get an answer to the most important and easiest ones I am already happy.

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Dialog Builder will only create the layout for your dialog. Most of your questions pertain to the dialog handler, which you still have to hand code. (Dialog Builder lets you set presentation options that let you fill lists with placeholder values, but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking)


The exception is #2. If you want additional strings, you can add them to the vwr string tables in the dialog’s settings. You can also access any vwr file via script. 

Search the forum for dialog handlers, and look at http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:RunLayoutDialog for examples, then loop back with more questions

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