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3d Objects 'Clipping/Disappearing' When Zooming In

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I managed to solve a similar problem, so I hope this might help:  using VW Landscape, part of my model was vanishing before my eyes when I zoomed in - as described above relating to the chair.  It helped if I zoomed in by changing the Zoom factor in the View Bar rather than by swiping my track pad but still the clipping happened as soon as I moved around the model using the Flyover tool.


Firstly, I found (by trial and error) making a particular layer invisible removed the problem.  Further investigation into this layer showed that there were two rogue objects (i.e. mis-positioned by me) located miles and miles away.  That explained why clicking the Fit to Objects button made everything vanish off my screen - my model just went microscopically small in order to include the wayward objects.


Deleting these two objects has now restored order to my model and I'm not swearing so much.


Happy days!




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