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Zoom Line Thickness Broken? - Section Viewports

Andy Broomell


Zoom line thickness seems to not be working for Section Viewports. I zoom in and none of the lineweights appear to match those of objects in my Annotations, but they are set to the same values, and they export to PDF properly. There is no lineweight scaling on the viewport.


It's making it quite difficult to do my job. Restarting does not solve. Happens in every file. Urgh...



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Hmm, I wonder what it could be then... I even tried creating a section viewport in a "blank" Vectorworks document to make sure it's not related to my template. But the same happens: when I zoom in close to any objects in the viewport, the lineweight doesn't get larger past a certain point.


It DOES display correctly when zoomed out. It's simply the "Zoom Line Thickness" setting that doesn't seem to work.

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It appears this issue is not resolved with VW 2021, SP1.


I SO wish the whole Navigation Graphics thing would GO AWAY!!!  Vectorworks has been graphically challenged ever since the introduction of the VGM.  Please either make the Navigation Graphics choices go away or, at the very least, make it so that "Best Performance" performs, well, better than "Best Compatibility."  VWIS179

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I agree!  Having the same problem with VW2020-SP5.


This kind of crap is why I still use VW2019 for most of my projects.  Only reason I'm using VW2020 at all is because I'm working with another architect who only has VW2020.


Really starting to question why I bother with "Service Select."


Would love it if VW focussed on making stable software before they started adding new features.  Wasn't the more consistent revenue stream of the subscription model supposed to allow VW to focus on building better software, rather than marketing?


Would also love it someone from VW could chime in to help us solve this problem.  Being unable to see lineweights in anything other than the "Best Performance" setting is not acceptable.

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