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Ungroup an imported & cropped PDF page without losing the crop?


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Hello - After importing a PDF vector file (that was created in another CAD program), I used the Edit Crop command to remove everything outside my defined rectangle. 


After saving the crop, I used the Ungroup command for the selected PDF page.


As expected from reading various posts, this left me with a rectangle, a bitmap file, and a group. I removed the rectangle and the bitmap file and then ungrouped the group file.


This works except that I have now lost my crop. Any idea why this happened? Is there a way to ungroup a PDF Page without losing the crop? The PDF is a survey of a 90-acre park. I only want to see the info for a 2-acre parcel within the park. 


The first image is of the crop. The second image shows the ungrouped PDF where the crop is lost. I highlighted in green the area that correlates to the original crop.






Thanks for your help,


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James, that is just the way it is when you ungroup a PDF.


Use this method instead:

- Draw your 'crop' rectangle over the top of the PDF.

- Select the PDF and ungroup it.

- Delete the bitmap and the rectangle that obscures the linework.

- Select the remainder and ungroup it until you have no more groups.

- Select all and use the Clip tool in its second mode

- Marquee over your 'crop' rectangle and everything outside of that will be deleted.  You may need to do some tidy up.




Additional comments:


Best if you do this in a design layer of its own so what you are clipping is just the linework extracted from the PDF.  


If you need to keep your file size down or you are having delay issues due to the size of the PDF do it in a separate file and then copy and paste only the linework you need into your working file. 

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