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Manipulating Data Cable Records

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Hi All,


So, I'm running into a bit of an issue with Spotlight's Data Cable Worksheet.  Apparently, the option to include the 'End Label Text' in the worksheet generation doesn't exist.  I figured it would be fairly trivial to write a python script to crawl all Data Cable Objects in the drawing and read the 'Start Label Text' & 'End Label Text' fields and write them into the 'User Field 1' & 'User Field 2' fields.  The following code accomplishes this for a lighting device:


import vs

def xyz(current_light):
    xypoint = vs.GetSymLoc(current_light)
    zpoint = vs.Get3DCntr(current_light)
    vs.SetRField(current_light,'Lighting Device','User Field 7',str('{:.3f}'.format(xypoint[0]/12)) + "'")
    vs.SetRField(current_light,'Lighting Device','User Field 8',str('{:.3f}'.format(xypoint[1]/12)) + "'")
    vs.SetRField(current_light,'Lighting Device','User Field 9',str('{:.3f}'.format(zpoint[1]/12)) + "'");
vs.ForEachObject(xyz,"INSYMBOL & (PON='Lighting Device')");

I adapted this code as follows to try to get it to work for a Data Cable:


import vs

def label2user(current_cable):
    start = vs.GetRField(current_cable,'Data Cable VW','Start Label Text')
    end = vs.GetRField(current_cable,'Data Cable VW','End Label Text')
    vs.SetRField(current_cable,'Data Cable VW','Rack ID',"barf")
    vs.SetRField(current_cable,'Data Cable VW','Box ID',str(end))
vs.ForEachObject(label2user,"INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (PON='Data Cable VW')");

Unfortunately, the second chunk of code doesn't work.  I have verified by inserting a vs.AlrtDialog() into the code that it is properly reading the values from each Data Cable Object.  Unfortunately, the vs.SetRField() commands seems to fail.  I have also tried to write to other fields but the same results keep occurring.


Anyone have any thoughts?




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