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Jayme McColgan

In need of a Fixture profile

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If you are a member of Vectorworks Service Select you should use the Spotlight Fixture Request Form.


otherwise you can fill out the fixture request form on the Vision page



Please request a specific fixture mode in needed for each fixture.

Active Vision Pro users receive priority service so be sure to include your serial number in your request so we can verify your license status.

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if the fixture is already in the Libraries, and you just need a Mode, use the Vision request form at the link above.

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1 hour ago, Terry Smith said:

Can anyone tell me how long the turn around time usually is?

depends on the request, the backlog, and availability of data to create the profile for Vision.  

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Fair enough.


Let me ask the real question then:

I recently submitted requests for Prolights Eclipse FS and for the Astera AX3. Is there a way to know when those might be available?

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