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Transfering attribute defaults


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How can I import the attribute default settings from one VW document to another. I'd like to set a standard for our office and find the settings do not remain consistant from file to file. This wrecks havoc on symbols especially, changing dashed lines to solid for instance.

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There might be other ideas out there, but the only way I know is to create a TEMPLATE The following is from VW Help:

Creating Templates

Save a drawing file as a template to use it as a foundation for creating other files. Templates save layer, class, and other setup parameters and preferences. When a template is opened, VectorWorks automatically opens a copy of the file. When saving the drawing for the first time, VectorWorks prompts for a new file name. In this way, it is impossible to accidentally replace the master template with the new drawing file.

To create a template:

1. Start with a new, empty file.

2. Set up the file with all of the desired parameters.

3. Select File > Save As Template.

4. Enter the name of the .sta file and ensure that it is placed in the Templates folder in the VectorWorks folder.

The .sta extension is required for Windows. It is recommended for use on the Macintosh if sharing files with Windows users.

5. Click Save.

Hope that helps :-)

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To refine Peter's approach just a little, you can also establish a Standards file to hold Classes and Layers.

This would allow a Template (we have separate templates set up for various types of projects on different sizes of output) to be somewhat simpler with the user adding "approved" Classes and Layers from the office Standards.

At one point, we realized we had eight or nine different class nomenclatures for insulation. Now, users are NOT allowed to create new Classes, and Layers must be from Standard if at all possible.

Good luck,

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