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Quite a few personality problems with my first show...

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Hi all,


So after playing with the 2 universe version I thought it would be just what I need for an up coming set of shows. Cutting it all a bit fine but, hey, thats rock and roll (or a bucket load of dance pieces actually). The shows are in less than two weeks time so if anyone has a solution then it'd be really appreciated otherwise its a lot of money to spend not earning its keep! I can't go into the venue and re address everything as there just isn't the turn around time and I doubt they'll let me.


Here's my list in order of urgency:


Varilite VLZ Profile, no fixture for the 56 ch version - this is a big issue as there are quite a few in the venue and will be the main moving light for the show.


The venue also has a load of ETC LED2 lustr profiles (15-30 and 25-50) that are in HSIC mode. The only personality type in Vision is RGB 6ch with no dimmer. I've just morphed my desk fixtures to the 6ch mode and added a virtual dimmer but until I get to the venue I have no idea if morphing this back to a HSI fixture with dmx dim will work... Again, these are the most common fixture in there apart from some parcans so I need to get a fix for this asap.


Can’t seem to find a 19ch version of Varilite VL1100 TID. Have used VL1000T-TI which seems to work but I haven’t been in the venue yet to see if its the same.


Martin TW1 Personalities, can these be removed/edited/renamed? It took ages to work out what was the right one, we only need two.

   Martin Mac TW1 is the working 20ch extended version

   Martin Mac TW1 Extended does not dim.

   Martin Mac TW1 8b is the working 14ch version.

   Martin Mac TW1 8b Extended only has 14ch and does not dim.



A few other things that i'd like to see (now I've parted with a large sum of money) is a column in the fixture mode select box showing the number of channels for the mode and ideally somewhere the ability to access a view of the channel layout for each fixture so I know its right.


Cheers in advance,


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

at the top of the page on the right side, almost to the middle is the request fixture button for Vision.  here you can request missing Fixture modes.


also , if you have not doens so recently, make sure to update your fixture libraries for vision, it is in the Help dropdown.

the best bet is to check the Manual for the fixture to see which mode is which, they are named the way the manufacture names the modes.



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Thanks, I'm sorry if I come across a little grumpy, thats not normally me! I think I may have hit quite a few blocks on this particular project and its just got to me a little bit having just got the full version. I'll put a request in shortly. Also, thanks for the direction to the manual, I found the help section very useful.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Just in case someone else comes across this post later, I can help with most of this.


At the time the VLZ Profile was added to Vision, there wasn't a 56 ch mode. This is actually pretty common. On the Varilite website, you can check their DMX Map in the downloads, and it's version 2.01, which is a good indication changes were made. If you put in a fixture request for the mode, I can add it in for you.


Unfortunately, this is the one bit of bad news I have for you. Vision does not currently support HSI fixtures. So I won't be able to fill any requests for those fixture modes. It's not that I don't want to, it's that there's no way for me to replicate it in Vision.


Looking at the VL 1100 TID profile in MA2, and the VL 1000 T-TI in Vision, the profiles look the same so I don't think you'll have any issues there.


The mac TW1s are kind of oddballs. They supported an external dimmer which, at one point, we replicated in Vision, and that's what the extended mode was. In the future we will again, which is why they are still in the library.


As for seeing the DMX footprint, that's already available just in a different way. In Vectorworks, once you've selected a fixture mode, the object info pallet will show the number of channels used under DMX Footprint. In Vision, if you select the fixture, either by selecting it in the viewport, or selecting it in the Scene Graph, it will display the footprint in the Properties Window, under Num Channels.


In the future, once GDTF is implemented in Vision, you'll be able to view, edit, and create your own fixture profiles. So, that is in the works.

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Thanks very much for your reply, The VLZ problem was certainly one at my end so I think i'd better fess up... The Chamsys desk has two personalities, one of 61ch and one of 56. The 56 ch seemed to work better but not properly, when I did some digging i found what you've just told me... there is no 56 ch so I have no idea why my desk has one... I've edited the 61ch head on my desk and all is good.


Thats a shame about HIS but the venue having them in this mode is rare and I'm sure I'll be able to morph some of the info once I get to the venue. I can't seem to see where in the OIP the dmx footprint is, I've included a screenshot if that helps. for those fixtures without the channel numbers in the name (and with the TW1 having the wrong name for the mode) the only way I seem to be able to find the number of channels is to either view in Spotlight - dmx patch which can sometimes be hard to relate to specific fixtures or export it to Vision and check there. Am I missing something from the OIP?


Thats great news about the GDTF fixture design stuff. I had no idea about it before and have just read up. looks really promising. I'm used to being able to build and edit fixtures in Magic Q and appreciate that its hard to keep up with the fast moving pace of new fixtures coming onto the market. 

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 10.50.48.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You probably missed it because, once you have a fixture mode selected, it removes the text box and reads the footprint from the vision fixture profile. I usually scroll past it at least once while looking for it.

I've highlighted it in this screen shot for you. If you're ever unsure about a fixture profile, you can email tech@vectorworks.net, and we'll be able to answer any questions you have.

dmx footprint1.JPG

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