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Although I came across this using Spotlight, I feel this is a general issue;

I was setting up a new Instrument Key, and my design Layers were at a rather small scale which makes tweaking font Sizes difficult. As I have fixtures on multiple layers, I checked "All Layers" and set the scale to 1/4".

Well, to my surprise this changed the scale on the Sheet Layers as well, even though there is no way to change this scale while looking at a Sheet Layer!

I had to set All Layers to 1:1, then go back and reset all Design Layers to the proper scale.

Doesn't it make sense the Sheet layers should be locked at 1:1, and that scale commands while working in Design layers would not effect the Sheet layers? At least there should be a second check box in the Scale dialog making it optional to affect the Sheet layers...

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OK, my design layers were at 1/160 -

While in a DL I used Page/Layer Scale, selected 1/4" and checked All layers.

go to a sheet layer - borders and viewports are really small. The border measures out, in the OIP, as the proper page size per my print preferences, but it has been scaled down to an inch and a half. The viewports are reporting they are the scale Iset, adn when I try another scale they stay small. It really is making the sheet itself 1/4" scale.

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David, I have tried to reproduce this and could not - well not exactly. I doubt you have actually changed the scale of a sheet layer, but you have certainly changed the scale of all of the data that the viewports, as seen in the sheet layer, are derived from. Try this: go to a sheet layer, select the a viewport, change the scale to something larger.... See what happens....

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