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Marionette with Record


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I'm attempting to make a simple tool that has a few text user input text fields as well as an object that gets its color fill from a drop down menu. All these fields should also link to a custom record so that the information can be put into a report. I have most of this working in a very thrown together manner in the attached file, however there are a few specific things I'm most curious about.


1) How do I structure this so that when I eventually get this to work as a tool the created object is placed at next mouse click? Currently when wrapped object is created at 0,0

2) Why when converted to a Marionette Object does the attached record break? 

3) Why is the file size so huge for so little information? 




File attached was made on VW2019 SP6 OSX Build:522773

Marionette Test Smaller.vwx

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i think the file size come from every single Marionette Node, if you want a smaller Marionette Objekt / File size, you have to optimize the Network and wrote it with fewer Node's. 🙂  

For Example, this Part (Screenshot) in your Marionette Network can replace with one simple "Python - Node".

Greatings M. Graf       

Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-03 um 21.48.51.png

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