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Resource Manager Palette 'Window Shade' action changed in 2020?

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I've just started using 2020 recently. Did the +/- option to collapse the floating palette get taken out? I see the X for close & (-) to collapse it.  Kind of miss the older action of the palette.

I just ran SP 2.1 and didn't see a difference.  Thanks!

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I don't think the functionality changed, but maybe the interface?


Click on the minus and it changes to a plus and the palette stays open. Click the plus and it changes back to a minus and the palette then window shades when you hover over it.

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2019 behaves as you described, but my 2020 palette stays as a minus sign & doesn't window shade.  (No I don't have them running at the same time.)

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It sounds like you have a problem with your installation.You have probably already tried some of these, but let's start with the basic trouble shooting steps.


1. Restart VW

2. Restart Computer

3. If you have all of your other palettes docked, undock one and see if the other palettes act the same.

3. Go to Settings:Users & Groups and create a new user (unless you already have an extra user on your computer). Log in as the new user and launch VW. See if it works properly in the new user. It if does, you probably have an issue in your preferences somewhere. If you are willing to have to reset some stuff try one of the following:

3a. Reset Preferences: In VW Preferences, click the Reset button at the bottom left. This will reset all of the preferences to the factory defaults, but you will not have to type your serial number in again.

3b. Recreate User Folder: Note. You will need to reenter your serial number with this option. Quit VW. From the Finder go to the Go Menu. While clicking on the menu header, press and hold the Option key. You should see a Library option appear. Select that option and a Finder window showing your User Library should open. Navigate to Application Support:Vectorworks. Drag the 2020 folder to your desktop. Restart VW. Enter your serial number. See if the problem went away. If it did, you can reconfigure your preferences and libraries files.

4.  Ask again and we can did deeper if it is worth it to you.


I have not heard of anyone else having similar problems, so I expect that one of the above will solve the problem.

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I ran option 3A to reset the VW preferences & it worked. Thank you & Happy New Year!

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