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Creating a skylight schedule/ data tags.

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I have skylights inserted into roof objects. I'm trying to determine the best way to collate them in a schedule, as the window and door schedule worksheet "create report" feature  does. After looking at the data tag tool, it seems I'm not able to link tags to this type of object. Further, I'm not able to assign any sort of letter value using a number tag, and I'm not able to use the tag style for windows or doors, guessing because I'm not actually tagging that type of object. (I can place a window or door tag on a skylight, but I am not able to see or edit the text of the tag, and a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark appears in the tag).  Would be great to have a way to automate this process more, but I am finding zero ways to automate, link, make it easier specifically for skylights. Any tips appreciated. 


In watching the video about data tags put out by Vectorworks ( I believe in September of 2018), I'm still a bit confused about how it works, and how to gain greatest functionality from the tool. The video seemed to suggest that the door and window tagging will be going away at some point in the future, so get to know the data tag tool. How do you deal with window and door schedules, and is there a way to break down schedules say by floor or story, and interior vs. exterior door types? Again, any tips appreciated. 

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@jtempleton, the issue with the skylights is known and a bug has been submitted. You are correct that the Data Tag cannot "see" a skylight embedded in a roof.


The Data Tag for doors and windows will let you tag the objects in Annotation space of your viewports where tagging/notes, etc. really SHOULD be done.



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@Wes Gardner thanks for the reply. 


I understand why annotations should be done in a viewport space. And I always aim to evolve as the technology does. But in terms of windows and doors, can you articulate why using data tags would be a better way to generate a window and door schedule, if that is your position? (vs. using the tags available in the window and door object settings) Do the two features work essentially the same way? I like the tag to show up in both plan and elevation view for my projects- do data tags accommodate that, or would I be placing double data tags to achieve that goal?


Do you have any good idea/ tip/ workaround for compiling a skylight schedule, or is the "old fashioned" way, the best we can do at this time? I did search the forum to see if I could dig up any ideas/ suggestions, but did not come up with anything. 

Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate. - julie

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@jtempleton Hi Julie,  To answer the last part first, unfortunately, the old skool way is best at this time.  To answer the first part of your question, there really is no advantage when creating the actual worksheet/window/door schedule as the data tag is "looking for" the same data as the "built in" tag in either the door or window PIO. The real advantage is being able to tag in Annotation space so that the tags will scale properly when doing things like enlarged kitchen/bathroom/ etc. plans. Yes, data tags can be set up to appear in both plan and elevation.  The door tag, by the way, can auto-increment and re-increment if you leave out or add a door. I do my doors sequentially by number but do my windows by type - i.e. Window A, Window B, etc.  Data tags are also quite useful for tagging spaces rather that using the tag that's built into the Space tool, once again for the same reason of being able to tag in Annotation space.



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